About Us

Enjoy great taste with tongue-tantalising flavours that range from apple to mango, Iron-Brew and more. And, as if that isn’t enough, Drink-O-Pop is a low calorie, sugar and preservative free beverage that is jam-packed with vitamin C for energy.


Whether you mix a drink from the economical powder or concentrate, or choose the ready-to-drink soft drinks on the go, Drink-O-Pop has a flavour for every taste and occasion.


We love staying in touch with all our valued customers. So keep checking our promotions page for the latest updates on all our products and exciting competitions.


Drink-O-Pop’s natural tasting flavours are Tartrazine-free and can be used in a number of fun recipes. Make ice lollies, add flavour to yoghurt or cakes, or whip up a jelly.