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Own Your Stain - Women's Month Campaign

There are many challenges being faced by women in South Africa on a daily basis. One that we have noticed is the lack of access to basic hygiene necessities such as sanitary towels for young girls in school. These young girls are not able to attend school due to the fact that they are menstruating.


Apart from that problem they get bullied and harassed about their menstruations at school. When they stain their dresses with blood it completely ruins not just their day but their moral and confidence levels.


With August being Women’s Month, Drink O Pop has created a campaign called Own Your Stain, to help empower young girls and to kill the stigma behind menstruation being a “dreadful” and “disgusting” time in a women’s life.


We want girls to not be embarrassed if they stain their clothing while they are menstruating and for males to understand that it’s a normal part of a female’s life and that they should embrace it.


We have used our product to create a positive impact, by allowing girls to be able to express themselves positively by using the Drink O Pop colours. We want all women Young and Old to express themselves using a Drink O Pop colour, showing everyone that we are proud to be women and that menstruation is not a “curse” or “dreadful” period in our lives.


Not forgetting the bigger need for young girls, we will be taking a step further by asking all our fellow Drink O Pop Lovers to help us make a change in a young girls’ life by purchasing as many sanitary towels/pads as they can and delivering it to a school of their choice and taking pictures/videos to share their good deed with us.


It doesn’t end there, at our Drink O Pop offices we will also be collecting sanitary towels from all our staff members. This will take place throughout the month of August and then we will then be surprising a school with young girls in need with all the sanitary towels.This will be done in partnership with Care for Girls.